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Date Event Source
5th May 1783 Born in Westminster Pearman and baptismal record
17th May 1783 Baptised at St James Westminster Baptismal  record  online via Ancestry.co.uk
25th Sept 1795 Spencer writes to Pellew asking him to accept George as a volunteer on HMS Indefatigable. MS/92/027 Box 22
15th Dec 1795 Boy, First Class, Indefatigable. Pearman, also in Marshalls Naval biography ( MNB)Indefatigable muster book ADM36/13142 1795 Jan -December
20th April 1796 Indefatigable engages Virginie.
13th Jan 1797 Indefatigable and Amazon engage Droits de L’Homme
28th Feb 1799 Discharged Indefatigable. Pearman and MNB Also ADM36/13146Indefatigable muster book
10th March 1799 Able seaman, Impetueux. Pearman  and MNBADM 36/ 12827Impetueux muster book
15th March 1799 Midshipman, Impetueux. Pearman and MNBADM 36/12827
30th May 1799 Impetueux mutiny ADM 1/ 5349 Courts Martial Apr -Jun 1799
3rd March 1802 Lieutenant, Leda. Service record ADM/196/3
April 1802 June 2nd 1802 Charlotte Cadogan marries Henry Wellesley, Emily Cadogan marries Gerald Valerian Wellesley, at St George’s Hanover Square witnesses are Lord Salisbury and Henry Cadogan Pearman Marriage register SG HS 1802 Entry no 414 ( via  ancestry.co.uk)
25th June 1803 William Badcock joins the Sulphur as  a gentleman volunteer third and then second class. He is 10 years and  9 months old. Midshipman’s certificate copy as exhibited during the court martial
8th March 1804 Cadogan  Discharged, Leda. Service record ADM/196/3
7th April 1804 William Badcock discharged with certificate from Sulphur Midshipmans certificates etc.
30th May 1804 George writes to the admiralty to request passage on a ship to the West Indies ADM 1/1637 Captains’ letters C  1804
22nd August 1804 Commander, Cyane. Service record ADM/196/3
11th Nov 1804 Captured French brig privateer La Bonaparte with 18 guns and 150 men. Masters Log Cyane ADM52/4071
1st September 1804 William Badcock  joins the Loire Captain Frederick Maitland Midshipman’s certificate
14th March 1805 Captured French schooner pacquet boat Mary Galante bound to Martinique. Masters Log Cyane ADM52/4071
28th April 1805 Captured the Justitia a Spanish privateer of 7 guns and 86 men. Masters Log Cyane ADM52/4071
14th May 1805 Letter from Sir Francis Lafouy stating that he has received intelligence stating the arrival of a combined French and Spanish fleet at Martinique ( with details of size of fleet and that they have captured the Cyane ADM 12/116 Digest section 45 : 5
15th June 1805 Thomas Simpson appears on Cerf  as entry no 93 per warrant . Eventually his wages are paid out to a lawyer, Thomas Lee , on 17th September 1806 ADM 35/441 Cerf paybook 1804-5
5th July 1805 Cadogan writes to Cochrane from Barbados complaining of treatment aboard L’Hortense. Digest reference ADAM12/117 Letter is enclosed with that of Admiral Cochrane of 17th July 1805 which is ADM1/326
11th July 1805 Cyane Court martial, HMS Unicorn, Carlisle Bay, Barbados. Cadogan honourably acquitted. Courts Martial 1805 ADM 1 /5370
11th July 1805 Discharged, Cyane. Service record ADM/196/3
18th September and 23rd  ditto 1805 Admiralty correspondence concerning Thomas Simpson carpenter appointed Acting ———— Cerf ADM 12 /114 Index see also ADM1/ 5016
27th Oct 1805 Cadogan writes to Admiralty from Brandon, Suffolk, requesting employment. ADM1/1642 Letters from Captains surname C 1805 Digest reference ADM12/117
13th November 1805 Edward Jones joins the Ferret  musters described as from Repulse. Is described as 29 and born Londonderry also subsequently described as “ Late a Prisoner “ in the Musters of the Ferret ADM 35/3806 Ferret pay book
2nd December 1805 Thomas Simpson appointed boatswain of the Ferret ADM 12/114 Index see also ADM 1 /5016
1st March 1806 Letter from Captain Young of the receiving ship Salvador del Mundo concerning Edward Jones  who ran from the Repulse and his behaviour and removing his surviving punishment. ADM 1/836 C in C Plymouth correspondence 1806
30th March 1806 Cadogan appointed Commander, Ferret. Service record ADM/196/3
10th May 1806 Edward Jones recorded as discharged to Plymouth Hospital Ferret Pay Book ADM 35/3806
16 May 1806 Edward Jones from Salvador del Mundo
28th June 1806 Record of punishment of Edward Jones  with 12 lashes Masters log Ferret ADM 52/2757
8th July  1806 Boatswain contrary to express orders did not square the yard before the wind Masters log Ferret ADM 52/2757
3rd August  1806 Edward Jones given 90 lashes for drunkenness Masters log Ferret ADM  52/2757
5th Sept 1806 Admiralty minutes directing Admirals Dacres and Sir A Cochrane to send home Captain Cadogan in his majesty’s sloop Ferret the first occasion they shall have to send a sloop to England. ADM 12/118 Index and Digest for 1806
6th Sept 1806 Admiralty write to Dacres and Cochrane as per instructions in minutes of 5th Sept.
17th September 1806 Thomas Simpson’s wages stated as paid out to  Thomas Lee junior attorney ADM 35/441
26th Sept 1806 Ferret mutiny. Ferret Masters log ADM52/2757
29th September Thomas Simpson is confined as a ringleader in the mutiny Ferret Masters log ADM 52/2757
30th Sept 1806 First  Earl Cadogan writes to Spencer requesting assistance in seeking promotion to Post for George. Mentions his character as an officer being established by Sir Edward Pellew. Huntington ST6 Corresp. Box 137 (27)
4th October 1806 William Badcock discharged Loire Midshipman’s certificate etc
8th Oct 1806 Ferret Court martial, HMS Elephant Port Royal. ADM 1/5375 Courts martial Oct – Nov 1806
8th October  1806 Edward Jones gives evidence at the Court martial and admits his part but is not  tried and not punished in any way ADM 1/5375 Courts martial Oct- Nov 1806
13th Oct 1806 Dacres writes to Admiralty informing them of mutiny and praising Cadogan’s “prompt and spirited conduct” in repossessing himself of the sloop.And enclosing list of executed mutineers. ADM 1/256 no 96 ( C in C Jamaica letters 1806 no 96) Digest reference is ADM12/121
13th Oct 1806 Cadogan writes to 2nd Earl Cadogan from Jamaica expressing low spirits following mutiny and requesting assistance in seeking promotion. Huntington ST6 Corresp. Box 137 (29)
21 st October 1806 Edward Jones is discharged to the Thetis   “ in lieu of pressed men “ ADM 37/1605 Ferret Muster book
27th Nov 1806 1st  Earl Cadogan forwards George’s letter to Spencer with a second request for assistance in seeking promotion and expressing fears for George’s health. Mentions misfortune of Admiral of station not receiving orders for George’s recall. Huntington ST6 Corresp. Box 137 (28)
29th Nov 1806 Spencer forwards 1st  Earl’s letter & George’s letter to his father to Thomas Grenville.  Request promotion to Pomona frigate but suggests he is likely to succumb to yellow fever before long. Huntington ST6 Corresp. Box 163 (73)
9 December 1806 William Badcock joins Crocodile under Captain Bettesworth
14th Dec 1806 Dacres write to Admiralty confirming receipt of Admiralty letter to Cochrane dated 6th Sept 1807 recalling Cadogan.  Dacres proposes to order Cadogan to take charge of the Honduras Convoy  to leave the harbour of Berlize on the 27th January. ADM 1/  256 C in C Jamaica correspondence 1806
5th April 1807 1st Earl Lord Cadogan dies Pearman
10th June 1807 Discharged, Ferret. “Invalided”. Service record ADM/196/3, Ferret Pay books ADM/35/3806
23rd July 1807 George writes from London to the Admiralty to announce his arrival in England and his leaving the Ferret in the West Indies and that he is wanting work. ADM1 /1673 Captains letters C 1807
10 October 1807 Captain Bettsworth who is about to be superceded by George writes a certificate for Willilam Badcock  who is rated midshipman at that time. Midshipmans certificates etc
11th Oct 1807 Cadogan appointed Captain, Crocodile. Service record ADM/196/3
13th Oct 1807 Cadogan writes to the Admiralty to ask that two young officers who want to join him can be allowed to do so they are  Midshipman Edward Percival and J Allen who both served under his command on  the Ferret ADM 1/1673 Captains’ letters C 1807
17th Oct 1807 Cadgoan writes to Admiral Montague requesting leave due to “circumstances of a most urgent natures”. ADM 1/1112
19th Oct 1807 Cadogan writes to  WW Pole, Admiralty requesting extension of leave to 23rd Oct. Captains letters ADM1/ surname C 1807
31st October 1807 Cadogan writes to the Admiralty to ask if John Ramsey who has been acting Master may now be given a warrant ADM 1 /1673 Captains letters  C 1807
1st November 1807 Cadogan writes to the Admiralty to ask about Lieuts Hamley and Basson and there is a note of reply ADM 1 /1673 Captains letters  C 1807
22nd November 1807 George writes of  his return to Spithead and his convoy and letters marked secret for Sir Edward Pellew ADM 1/1673 Captains letters C
9 January 1808 Badcock disrated to able seaman ADM 35 2666 Crocodile musters, no 126.
5 March 1808 Badcock disrated to landsman ADM 35 2666 Crocodile musters, muster roll no 126.
Early  1808 Charlotte Wellesley meets Henry Paget and later elopes with him Pearman
9 June 1808 Badcock discharged from the Crocodile to join HMS Stately as per order ADM 35 2666 Crocodile musters, no 126.
25 June 1808 Letter from C in  C Portsmouth regarding  a missed order for increasing the complement of his ship and admiralty reply that it should go immediately to the Crocodile ADM 1/ A 1240 C in C’s  inletters
21 October 1808 Letter from William Badcock setting out his complaint against George and saying that “additionally about ten days ago Captain Cadogan personally abused me, saying I had a black heart and many other opprobious and degrading expressions.” ADM 1/ enclosed with letter below from Admiral
23 October 1808 Letter from Admiral Montague enclosing one from Captain Cumberland of the Stately with William Badcock’s letter of complaint . response that the papers should be sent to vice admiral Wells who should have three senior captains hold an enquiry into the circumstnaces . Mr Badcock to be sent to the flag ship at the Nore but if he does not get there in time the Crocodile must sail as per her orders.
24 October 1808 William Badcock is directed to proceed to the Nore to get passage to the Baltic for the court of enquiry Chronology from Richard Cumberlands’s memorial preserved in the papers of the Court Martial ADM 1/5395 afterward as “Memorial”
25 October 1808 Badcock becomes ill but on 26th goes on board  the Skylark to get passage to the Nore arriving on the 29 th. Memorial
31 October 1808 Badcock to be borne as supernumerary  on books of the Stateley and to offer him leave of absence while he waits for the Crocodile to return.
1 and 2 November 1808 Badcock worse in health. Says  “he was ready  any time for the captain” Goes on board Namur and health improves briefly. Memorial
2 November 1808 Letter from Mr Currie appointed purser to the Crocodile reached her just  before she sailed and Cadogan denied him passage. Details of this and request that he be given advice. ADM1Prom Corresp. surnames Cletter 716
2 November 1808 Admiralty requests to ask the senior officer in the Balkans to demand Cadogan explain why he did this and explain  why he had not disharged an apprentice whom he had improperly impressed ADM 1/prom corres. surname C letter 716notes for response
7 November1808 Admiralty direction to send Badcock and the witness the sergeant  of marines to the Baltic by first available means.
15 November1808 Discharged sick to the Sussex hospital ship.  Badcock  writes to his grandfather. Memorial
19 November  1808 Admiralty letter stating that Badcock and sergeant  Gilham have been ordered to go to Gottenburg. ADM1/  prom corres C11999
19 November 1808 Captain Ross has the news that Badcock has gone into the hospital ship. Replies to say send Badcock and Sgt Gilham as soon as  Badcock recovers.
7th December 1808 William Badcock dies at his grandfather’s home at 8.30 pm in his seventeenth year and the sixth year of his naval service. Richard Cumberland’s memorial now inserted in the CM transcript.
11 December 1808 William Badcock buried at St Andrew Holborn. Address given as James Street . 1808 Burial register for St Andrews digital image via ancestry.co.uk
22 December 1808 Letter from William Crutchley to Admiralty enclosing Cumberland’s memorial taking up Badcock’s case. ADM 1/ Prom corres  1808 surname C 683
23 December  1808 let Cumberland and lawyer  know that court martial will take place and they will be notified when it is to take place.
2 January 1809 Letter from agent for Richard Cumberland asking whether the Admiralty solicitor is to conduct the prosecution against George. Or whether his own counsel and if so the charges will be the Admiralty’s to bear. ADM 1/ 4423 promiscuous correspondence surname C 1809
3 January 1809 Admiralty note in reply stating initially that Cumberland should be told that George will be tried in the normal way.  This is then crossed out. Instruction to send all papers to Mr Bicknell and direct him to state his opinion and to report 4th January. ADM 1/4423 as above in the corner note summary of reply to be made.
9 January 1809 Letter to Cadogan informing him that he is to proceed to Portsmouth where he will face a court martial Cadogan writes asking that the court martial be postponed until he can summon witnesses. ADM 1/ Captains letters surname C 1809 ditto
16 January 1809 Admiralty note stating books required will be on board and also the copies of the regulations. And further note asking if the four witnesses mentioned have been summoned to Portsmouth. ADM 1/4423 Prom Corr surname C
22 February 1809 Letter from William Crutchley “re Rex v Cadogan” requiring Edward Percival, Mr Norris and Mr Hamilton midshipmen and Mr Price Captain’s  clerk and John  Davies, Boatswains mate and  ——Buchannan, quarter master to give evidence for the crown. ADM 1/ 4423 Promiscuous correspondence surname C 1809
1 March 1809 Admiralty directive that Sir Roger Curtis put Cadogan under arrest. ADM 1/1135 Letters from C in C Portsmouth ( though this is from Digest ref 23 :8  as letter 368 was not in box or was very out of sequence))
1 March 1809 Letter from Admiral Roger Curtis to the Admiralty enclosing one from Cadogan stating he has witnesses who still cannot get to court martial. ADM1/1135 Letters from C in C Portsmouth 1809 also ADM 12 Digest 1809
1 March 1809 Cadogan’s letter asking as above and naming H Rhymer the purser, Wm Price Clerk, George Norris and Edward Perceval midshipmen as witnesses left at Goteborg in a prize ADM 1/1135 correspondence  C in C Portsmouth
4 March 1809 Letter from Vice Admiral Douglas regarding release of Captain William Cumberland to attend the trial of George Cadogan. ADM 1/1428 correspondence Commander Yarmouth [G123]
9 March 1809 Letter from Admiral Douglas to captain Cumberland instructing him to leave the Stately in the command of his first lieutenant and attend the trial as Captain Cadogan has requested. ADM 1/ 1653 Captains letters
12 March 1809 Letter from Lt Devon of the Crocodile requesting advice on the mast which George had intended to have altered. ADM 1/1135 correspondence  C in C Portsmouth [A 441]
13 March 1809 Letter from Admiral Curtis enclosing Lt Devon’s letter and Amiralty note of reply stating their lordships do not want any changes made. Attached to previous so as above.
17 March 1809 Letter to William Wellesley Pole from Richard Cumberland requesting the trial date be set and 3 days notice given so that he could wait at home, he having been in Portsmouth from 26 February already  at his own expense, Also reply of Admiralty that they agree he may do so. (dated 18 March) ADM 1/4423 Promiscuous Correspondence first series  Surnames C 1809
20 March 1809 Cadogan writes to Admiral Curtis asking that since he had heard Richard Cumberland may go home till the trial if he may have leave of absence till the three days warning having urgent matters to attend to. ADM 1/1136 Corres.C in C Portsmouth
21 March 1809 Admiral Curtis writes enclosing Cadogan’s letter ADM 1/1136 C in C Portsmouth [A 473]
22 March 1809 Admiralty note stating: Acquaint him that as he is under arrest he cannot have leave of absence Annotation to above so is the same.
11/12 April 1809 Court Martial of Capt the Hon George Cadogan on charges brought by Richard Cumberland grandfather of the late midshipman Richard William Badcock. George is acquitted on all charges. ADM 1/5395 Courts martial papers April 1809
April 14 1809 Letter from William Cumberland setting out his expenses in attending the trial ADM 1/1635 Captains’ letters surname C
April 16th 1809 There is  reference in the Index and Digest to  letter  from  C in  C Portsmouth  no 603 which is about leave  for Cadogan but this letter is not in the file at the National Archives which should contain it ADM 12/135 Index A-H 1809 AD12/138 Digest
April 25 1809 George writes to William Wellesley Pole from a London address requesting leave for two months and for an acting captain for the Crocodile ADM1/1365 Captains’ letters surname C
April l9 -May 5 1809 The Crocodile muster books show Cadogan mustered only once more on May 5th and thereafter present on  the books but not mustered. ADM 37/1855 Crocodile muster book Jan 1809 – Jan 1810
April 25th Navy board minute records response from Admiralty – leave till end April and have appointed Captain Chamberlayne  acting Captain ADM3/168 Minutes
11 May 1809 Letter from the Admiralty ( inc Gambier ) to William Cumberland setting out his expenses options ADM 1/1635 Captain’s letters surname C
13th May 1809 George fights duel with Henry Lord Paget. Pearman and “Disputes Between Gentlemen on points of honour &c &c Capt Cadogan Vs Lord Paget”, Sporting Magazine, Vol, 34, 1809, Rogerson & Tuxford.
19 May 1809 Letter to WWP from William Cumberland claiming his expenses for attending the court martial . ADM 1/1635 Captains letters Surname C
4 May  18095 May 1809 Mustered for  the last time in Crocodile   muster book and signs off log .Captain Chamberlayne appointed acting acting captain .Punishment record resumes earlier levels ADM 51/ 1869 Crocodile muster book to 4 May 1809ADM 51/1959 Crocodile muster book from 5 May 1809
15 September 1809 Admiralty Board minute appoinging Cadogan to the Pallas ADM3/169
31 December 1813 Signs off the log of the Havannah on his last day of active service. ADM51/2450 Havannah  log 1813
Issue of Naval General Service Medal 1847 Awarded the GSM with a bar each for the actions involving the Virginie and the Droits de l’homme Medal Roll ADM 171/8
15 September 1864 George, third Earl Cadogan , Admiral of the Red ,dies at home at 138, Piccadilly aged 81. He is possibly  the last of the remarkable crew of the Indefatigable, as it was in January 1797, to die. Burial records of St Luke Chelsea ( via ancestry.co.uk)Will  of George Cadogan, proved London,
1864 Burial at St Luke, Chelsea